You can make your own face creams and customise the shampoo you use

Imagine a bottle of shampoo and conditioner that not only solves all your hair problems but is also mindful of your lifestyle and the kind of hair you want. Or a herbal face cream that gives you the option to choose the ingredients that best suits your skin type and goals.

As the beauty brands across the globe are using technology to create groundbreaking products, the latest being LOreal’s smart hairbrush, a few Indian brands are experimenting with the power of personalisation. “Every bottle that we send is different from the previous one. Made from natural ingredients, it is personalised according to the needs of the customers,” says Mohit Yadav, founder of Freewill.

A Haryana based company, Freshistry, that was launched in 2016, also offers customised cosmetic products that the customer can make themselves. “In Freshistry, you can choose the base, herbs, colour, and fragrance that best suits you. It is completely herbal and paraben-free,” says Rashi Arora, founder of Freshistry.

Delhi-based Vidhi Sachdeva, who has been using Freshistry products says how much she loves the concept and the products. “I tried Freshistry’s body lotion two years ago and I have been a regular user since then. I also gifted them to a friend of mine and she loved it too.” When asked if the products are cost-effective, she said, “I would not say they are expensive. The best part is that I get a customised sunscreen lotion at the same price I get a regular one from the market.”

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