Wonder Woman and Princess Leia help boost self-confidence in young girls

It is known that young movie buffs get inspired by superheroes. Reiterating the fact is a study, jointly conducted by BBC America and Women’s Media Center, that young girls feel more confident and empowered when they see actors like Gal Gadot play characters like Wonder Woman. The published data recorded the impact these women superheroes on screen had on young women and girls.

The study titled “SuperPowering Girls: Female Representation in the Sci-Fi/Superhero Genre” surveyed around 2,431 girls and boys aged between 5 to 19. From Orphan Black’s Sestras to Killing Eve’sbeloved assassin and spy, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and the pioneering first female doctor on Doctor Who, the vibrant female universe of movies allowed women to ponder the possibilities of their own barrier-breaking opportunities of the future.

In a statement, BBC America President Sarah Barnett said, “It’s time to expand what gets seen, and we hope this report will contribute to sparking change in the stories we see on screen. “If you can’t see her, you can’t be her. With a greater representation of female heroes in the sci-fi and superhero genre, we can help superpower the next generation of women”, she added.

In the study, participants were recruited through a mix of voluntary opt-in and parental consent depending on age. Base screening criteria included non-sensitive industries, multichannel TV households, and genre non-rejecters.

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