Usman Khawaja’s catch of Virat Kohli one of Justin Langer’s favourite Test moments

Almost 25 years after his Test debut, Australia coach Justin Langer has found another addition to his best moments from Test cricket. And it didn’t involve Langer on the field but Usman Khawaja – a player who he helped transform and a player who took all the applause for a stupendous catch to dismiss Virat Kohli in Adelaide on Thursday. The catch, taken at gully, has been labelled as “one of my favourite moments ever in my Test career” by Langer and is culmination of months of physical exertion.

Since the appointment of a fitness fanatic Langer as coach, Khawaja has shed 10 kilograms resulting in elevated athleticism an example of which was visible when the Aussie took the one-handed diving catch as the ball went flying off Kohli’s blade.

“It was actually one of my favourite moments ever in my Test career, I reckon, for so many reasons,” Langer told in a Facebook Live before play on day two of the first Test. “It’s the start of the Test series, it’s Kohli, a great start for us, and with everything that’s been going on with Uz.”

“And also, the most important thing for me, I won’t forget just after I was appointed (coach), I was sitting in the driveway in my house, talking to Uzzy about getting himself nice and fit so he could run hard between the wickets and field better. So when I see him take a catch like that, I was over the moon – for him and for the team.”

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