Uber Lite adds Uber Pool and Paytm integration in India

Uber Lite, the ride-sharing company’s made-in-India solution to take on underpowered smartphones and poor networks, has added access to Uber Pool as well as Paytm for payments. Earlier, users could make only cash payments on the Lite app which is just a 5MB download.

Shirish Andhare, Head – Product & Growth, India, said Lite was a product designed fully in Bengaluru, the first outside San Francisco. It went live in June in select Indian cities and is now live across India as well as 13 other countries with over 2.3 million users. “The Lite app has maps on demand only. We have innovated to show who your co-riders will be in an Uber Pool ride and where they are,” Andhare said.

Andhare said Uber Lite users, who earlier had just cash payment option, will now be able to pay with Paytm too. “The option is quite popular in this segment and we wanted to offer users this choice,” he added.

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