Sponge Dosa Recipe

For someone, who loves gorging on South Indian dishes then you must try this dosa. Dosa is a delicious main dish recipe that you can prepare for your loved ones anytime, and is one of the most popular breakfast choice in Indian households. Unlike the other dosas, there is no filling inside it and it can be enjoyed after 4-5 hours as well, due to the sponginess. Sponge Dosa is a version from the state of Karnataka and is amazing in taste. Otherwise known as ‘Set Dosa’, the ingredients required to cook this South Indian recipe can be easily found in your kitchen cabinets and making the dosa doesn’t require much of your efforts. You need: pressed rice or poha, urad dal, baking powder, idli rice, fenugreek seeds and butter along with a little sugar and salt for taste. Light, soft and spongy, this dosa recipe is very tasty and can be easily prepared at home. You can make your own variation by mixing the idli rice and dal with buttermilk or curd. This dosa recipe can also be packed in tiffin for your kids, and we are sure it will be loved by them.

How to make Sponge Dosa

  • Step 1

    To prepare this dosa recipe, wash and soak urad dal, idli rice and fenugreek seeds in a large bowl for about 4-5 hours. After soaking, strain the ingredients well in another bowl. Wash once and remove the extra water.

  • Step 2

    In a grinder, add the soaked ingredients with 3/4 cup of the water in which the ingredients were soaked and grind into a smooth batter. Transfer the batter in a bowl and add salt as per your taste along with baking soda and mix well.

  • Step 3

    Allow the batter to ferment for 8-9 hours overnight. If the batter has risen up and has a thick texture, add water in the morning so that the batter is fine enough to make the dosa.

  • Step 4

    Next, heat a dosa tawa over high flame and spread some butter throughout. Now, take a tablespoon of the dosa batter and start circling it in the tawa.

  • Step 5

    When the dosa appears to be crisp and golden brown in colour from the sides, toss it to the other side and wait till it turns golden brown. Turn off the flame and serve it hot with your favourite chutney.

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