See Ranveer Singh’s killer six-pack abs and feel inspired to get fit

Actor Ranveer Singh’s latest #mondaymotivation photo will get you psyched, if you’re having second thoughts about heading out for that run or gym workout. Ranveer boasts seriously enviable six-packs, and as anyone who follows him on Instagram can attest, you can’t escape his fitness inspiration.

For when you can’t ogle over him on the big screen, Ranveer impresses with his fitness hustle and in-shape physique. Case in point: On Monday, Ranveer posted this Instagram of his rock hard, washboard, however, you want to define them, abs.

While it is all too easy to roll eyes at the glistening abs pictured in Ranveer’s gym selfies and beachside Instagrams, you can’t deny that his endorphin-fuelled smile, and sometimes triumphantly raised toned arms, give you a little FOMO. In case you missed it: Ranveer himself revealed his fitness secrets and how to be ‘hot and sexy’ like him in this Instagram video.

Here, get motivated to hit the gym or book your next fitness class with some #mondaymotivation photos of Ranveer looking accomplished and so happy with his workout.

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