Sandakozhi 2 movie review

There was something about director N Linguswamy’s Sandakozhi that clicked with the audience. The 2005 film followed the story of a recent college graduate Balu (Vishal). One summer morning, he beats up the local gangster Kasi (Lal) in Chidambaram in full public view. Kasi vows not to stop until he gets his revenge against Balu. Kasi finally tracks down Balu to a village in Madurai. And with Kasi, the audience begin to learn more about Balu and about his highly powerful father Durai (Rajkiran).

“You know who my father is?”, this dialogue is usually used in defense of the bad guys in a movie. But, in Sandakozhi, Kasi gets advised not to mess with Balu. Because…you know who his father is? Still, Kasi continues to pursue his vengeance finally leading to a climax, where Durai gives him an opportunity to settle his scores with his son in a fistfight. As Kasi learns about Balu and his father, on the other hand, Durai also discovers about the unknown side of his educated son: He can take down 10 men single-handedly without breaking a sweat.

Sandakozhi had two interesting themes: a father who learns the unknown fact about his son and the villain who discovers the influence and power of his enemy’s father. The movie clicked. The sequel to the film Sandakozhi 2 is devoid of interesting themes or fresh ideas. The sequel is set seven years after Balu’s face off with Kasi. After living aboard all these years, Balu returns to his native to celebrate the village festival.


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