Rana Daggubati: People want film experience to transcend beyond theatres

Actor Rana Daggubati, whose Baahubali redefined Indian cinema in many ways, says there is value in building a franchise out of a movie nowadays. The Baahubali universe has been expanded with comics and video games.

At IndiaJoy, an ongoing media and entertainment expo here on Wednesday, Rana said: “Today’s value is in the franchise. Not just in the film called Baahubali called but the entire idea of the world of Mahishmati.

“People live these characters in their minds, and want their experiences to transcend beyond just the few hours in theatres. As creators and storytellers we should recognise the value of what we already are.”

He stressed on the storytelling ability rooted in Indian culture and said it is highly valued internationally — both in the West and the East, read a statement.

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