Rajya Sabha reminds about the pending Women’s Bill On Women’s Day

The AIADMK has been demanding setting up of Cauvery Management Board. The Andhra Pradesh Members are seeking Special Category Status. Two ministers have submitted their resignation already. Shiv Sena members want classical language status accorded to Marathi language. Congress other opposition parties are demanding an answer from government on how Nirav Modi was allowed to leave the country.

The agenda in both Houses of Parliament are pretty much the same. Discussion on pending bills and debate on banking fraud. But adhering to the List of Business depends on today’s protests.

My experience shows Bill will not suffice. Bill followed by Will and then with administrative Skill go for the Kill of the Evil, the Chairman says.

Sushma Swaraj says it was due to Women’s Day, the parliament is functioning today. She says women have developed even without reservations. We have had Woman President, Prime Minister, Speaker, Chief Minister, headed major parties.

Bike stunts were men’s forte until January 26 this year, she says. We are happy with these developments but look at the atrocities against women. It is shameful.

It is time to take a vow that the mindset against women should change. This should be taken forward as a movement, she says.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Vijay Goel says people are asking what is the point of one day as Women’s Day. This day is to reassure the world is committed to them. He thanks the members for a productive session.

Though the Rajya Sabha has done it’s part, I suggest the Parliament Affairs Minister share the sentiments of members with the government, the Chair says.

KTS Tulsi quotes his mother, a feminist. He says she was not allowed to take part in a Kavi Sammelan in 1936. She recites the poem that challenges patriachy.

Tiruchi Siva says government should exempt sanitary napkins from GST net. “Good suggestion, Siva,” says Mr. Naidu.

Dilip Kumar Tirkey (BJD) says women are joing force in every field. Women are fighter pilots now, he says.

Dharmapuri Shrinivas (TRS) says a woman is behind every successful man. Vice versa should also be the case, he says.

Sanjay Singh (AAP), says even today men decide what women should do. This century-old mindset should change. He criticises anti-Romeo squad.

Harivansh (JD-U) wishes all women. He recalls Bihar was the first state to bring 50 per cent reservation in Panchayat polls. He seeks a stricter law to deal with child sexual abuse.

Satish Chandra Misra (BSP) says women are not demure as potrayed. They are valourous like Maa Durga and Kali.

Majeed Memon (NCP) says human rights are common for all sexes. But are women getting their rights? he says.

I am pro-woman, says Subramanian Swamy. This country’s tradition is not to ill-treat them. In Brahma’s cabinet, important portfolios are with women. In 70 years, there has not been a single woman Cabinet Secretary.

Why 33 per cent? Reservation should be in proportion with population. It must be 50 per cent. Women should have representation in defence. The Hindu Succession Act should be amended, which will end dowry system.

Derek O’Brien says in Trinamool Congress 34% of MPs are women. Other parties can take cue, he says. He also suggests West Bengal’s Kanyashree scheme can be expanded to the entire country.

D. Raja highlights the work of Periyar and Lenin in woman empowerment.

Maithreyan has three suggestions: Please pass the Women’s Bill, elect a woman Deputy Chairman. We see rivers as mothers. So please constitute the Cauvery Management Board.

T.K.Rangarajan (CPI-M) says the media should work on empowerment of women. The works of Periyar should be translated in every language, he says.

Anu Aga (Independent) says she doesn’t want this tokenism of one day as women’s day. I want to ask men to treat us well every day, she says.

Roopa Ganguly highlights how crime against women are at times perpetuated by women.

Kanimozhi (DMK)  says men celebrate us as mothers, daughters and wives. It should end. Woman should be celebrated as woman, she says. She highlights how women are leaving workforce after marriage or child birth. Dalits and Adivasi women face humiliation every day. There is female foeticide, malnutrition, dowry death.

On Women’s Bill, she recalls how women MPs stood guard when minister was tabling the Bill in Rajya Sabha. Every party is supporting the Bill, it is still not passed.

Sampatiya Uikey of BJP says women Panchayat leaders are doing excellent work and it was possible due to reservation.  This government has a women External Affairs Minister and women Defence Minister, she says.

Chhaya Sharma of Congress says she is coming from a backward district of Chhattisgarh. When a woman was raped in Delhi, Nirbhaya fund was created. But many rural women are facing hardship everyday. The Nirbhaya Fund is under utilised, she says.

Wansuk Shaim of Congress also stresses the need for women’s reservation.

Viplove Thakur asks if any panel in Rajya Sabha has women’s reservation. Let’s begin the change here. Our mindset is backward. Let’s bring the change from this House, she says. I will consider your plea, says Mr. Naidu.

Ambika Soni of Congress, a senior woman politician speaks. She says the Women Reservation Bill is still pending. Why don’t we at least pass a resolution saying we are with the women, she says.

Renuka Choudhury quotes Gandhiji. She says Mahatma’s dream has not achieved been achieved yet. Political will is needed to pass the Women’s Bill. India is losing one per cent GDP because women are not included in workforce.

Kumari Selja says government should move an equal opportunity commission.

Rajani Patel reads a poem on Amritha Pritham as says women are doing a great job in Panchayats. It should be extended to Parliament as well.

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