Next Enti actor Sundeep Kishan: There is so much to learn from Tamannaah Bhatia

Actor Sundeep Kishan, who desperately needs a hit, is now ready to try his luck again with the Kunal Kohli directorial Next Enti. The film is scheduled for a December 7 release. The actor, who termed Next Entri as a ‘straightforward film’, recently interacted with indianexpress.com.

Here are excerpts from the conversation:

Q. What is Next Enti about?

It is a slice of life film with a take on urban relationships. It represents today’s generation’s outlook towards their relationships.

Q. What made you accept the film?

The first reason was Kunal Kohli, the director of the film. His filmmaking style is different. It is real and urban. Apart from that, the concept and characters’ behaviour (based on urban relationships) excited me a lot.

Director Kunal Kohli wanted a space to tell a story. He believed that telling the story through a new language would be something new for him and the audience as well.

Q. The trailers of Next Enti have dropped a hint about the bold content in the film. What is your take on it?

Generally, films do not talk about sex openly but in our film, Next Enti, there is a lot of conversation around sex. It’s one of the rare films which addresses sex and how the new generation is approaching it. It talks about how they differentiate between love and sex and how it influences a relationship.

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