Missed the classic Snake game? Here’s how you can play it on Facebook

HMD Global is making the classic ‘Snake’ game widely available to all users globally. Snake game has a new AR filter on Facebook which can be accessed through the social platform’s camera app. This AR filter is available on Android and iOS and for all smartphone users, not just Nokia.

The game will be available as an AR filter called ‘Snake Mask’ and the ability to play the game in ‘Snake Real World’. As clean and simple the classic game is, the AR version is rather creepy and weird. The AR filter will turn your face into a giant green snake with graphics reminiscent of games like Contra.

How to use AR snake on Facebook

Update the Facebook app to its latest version on Android and iOS.

Tap on the Facebook camera icon located at the top left corner of the app.

Select the filter icon and look for the green snake filter.

The ‘Snake Mask’ filter is accessible through the selfie camera. As with every AR filter, this one also has a feature where the snake’s tongue comes out when you open your mouth.

‘Snake Mask’ AR filter on Facebook camera app. (HMD Global)

As for the ‘Snake Real World’ it can be accessed through the rear camera. Here, users can play the game by turning them into the snake and eating the apple when it comes your way. Users can also livestream their snake gameplay through Facebook Live, and invite their friends to activate multi-player functionality.

Alternatively, users can also play the snake game on Messenger. HMD Global resurrected the classic snake game with the launch of redux Nokia 3310 in 2017.

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