#MeToo: BCCI CEO Rahul Johri asked to provide explanation on sexual harassment allegations

Committee of Administrators on Saturday asked BCCI CEO Rahul Johri to submit an explanation within a week over the sexual harassment allegations made against him. The direction from CoA came after Johri, who has served as the CEO of India’s cricket governing body since 2016, was accused of sexual harassment on social media by an anonmyous user.

In their statement, the CoA said, “There are certain media reports today, including in the social media, pertaining to Mr. Rahul Johri, CEO BCCI. The reports disclose allegations of sexual harassment made against Mr. Johri, by an unnamed person through a Twitter handle. The allegations also relate to his previous employment with a large media house.”

The CoA added that even though the allegations do not relate to his contract with the BCCI, the CoA have sought an explanation from Johri regarding the matter. “The allegations have appeared as a part of the “me too” movement. Though the said allegations do not pertain to his employment with the BCCI, the Committee of Administrators of the BCCI has deemed it appropriate to seek an explanation from Mr. Johri in relation to the allegations,” it said.

“He has been asked to submit his explanation within a week. Future course of action will be considered on receipt of his explanation,” the statement added.

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