Here’s how you can use Instagram’s latest repost feature

Instagram may not let users “regram” yet but it will allow reposting in other ways. Instagram now lets users repost Stories of their friends on their profile. This however applies only to Stories users have been tagged on.

Instagram’s latest feature is available for users on iOS and Android. This update comes after Instagram recently rolled out the option to share posts on Stories.

“When someone mentions you in their story, you receive a notification in your ‘Direct message’ thread with that person. Now you’ll see an option to add that content to your own story,” Instagram wrote in a blog post.

In case you’re wondering how this feature works, it’s pretty simple and requires a few steps.

Once you’re ‘@mentioned’ in a Story on Instagram you’ll receive the notification on your Direct inbox.

You’ll see the option to “add this to your story”. It will automatically be shared on your Story.

Similar to how posts are displayed on Stories, this one too will come with a pre-loaded coloured background along with tools to rotate, add text and stickers.

Your friend’s profile name will be displayed as well and can be tapped on for others.

Stories with photos and videos can be reposted on Instagram.

Another catch with this feature is that this feature is available only for public Instagram accounts. You can only repost Stories from accounts which are public.

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