Google WizPhone WP006 is a JioPhone competitor, but its launched in Indonesia

Google has introduced a 4G smart feature phone dubbed WizPhone WP006 at its ‘Google for Indonesia’ event held in Jakarta earlier this week. The WizPhone WP006  is priced at IDR 99,000, which is approximately Rs 500. Of course, given this is a smart feature phone powered by KaiO, the comparisons with India’s JioPhone are inevitable.

The KaiOS-based WizPhone WP006 comes with a lot of features that make it different from regular feature phones, and yes this is a 4G feature phone. The JioPhone in India, and even the Nokia 8110 4G are all powered by KaiOS.

WizPhone WP006 comes with Google services like Google Assistant, Google Maps, Google Search and others pre-installed. It also comes with support for Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube and a few other popular apps. KaiOS had announced support for all of these earlier this year. Google has also made investments into KaiOS.

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