Facebook Messenger Lite gets chat colour customisation, GIF support

Facebook has updated the Messenger Lite app on Android to offer content sharing options, as well as the use of GIF search. This was confirmed by the social network in a blog post, that also confirms that the total file size remains under 10MB.

Through the updated version of the Messenger Lite app, Facebook will allow users to share files, audio, video clips and pictures with friends and family. This can be done through the ‘+’ sign that appears to the left of the text box on a chat window. Once the content is selected, it can be posted on the chat through the ‘Send’ button.

The new Facebook Messenger Lite app also comes with animated GIF sharing. Unlike the regular Messenger app, that uses the Tenor GIF library to offer mood-specific GIFs, users would need to use third-party keyboards, such as the Googlekeyboard, or search for GIFs from their smartphone library. Besides this, Messenger Lite will also enable users to change chat settings, such as background colours and theme-based emojis. Through this, group chats can be modified on the basis of colour, while their names could also feature emojis for occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and more.

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