Echo Dot (3rd generation) and Echo Plus now available for sale in India on Amazon

Amazon India has launched Echo Plus and Echo Dot White colour variant in the country. Additionally, Amazon has also introduced new APIs for developers to add more smart home functionalities to Alexa-enabled devices like the new Alexa.RTCSessionController and Motion Sensor APIs.

Echo Sub and Echo Dot Grey and Black colour variants are currently available for pre-ordering on the platform and are stated to be made available October 25 and November 14, respectively. The company launched all the new Echo devices slowly going on sale in India last month at its Alexa event. However, they will not be bringing the Echo Auto, Echo Link, and Echo Link Amp to India.

The new Echo Dot is priced at Rs 4,499, the Echo Plus is priced at Rs 14,999 and the Echo Sub is priced at Rs 12,999. During the Amazon Great Indian Festival sale, the new Echo Dot and Echo Plus are available for Rs 2,999 and 11,999, respectively.

The new Doorbell Event Source, Motion Sensor, and 2-Way Communication (Alexa.RTCSessionController) APIs introduced by Amazon will let the Alexa voice assistant detect motion in smart home cameras, let you know if someone’s at the door and much more. These APIs are currently only available for the US, however, the company has said they will soon be rolling these out to other regions also.

Developers can use these new APIs to provide a better user experience to its customers like a lighting manufacturer can add support for motion lighting to its smart lights. A US-based company Ring has already implemented Doorbell, Motion Sensor and the 2-Way communication API to its products.


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