BJP MP says won’t progress until we get our population under 100 crore

Why do you want a law to control population growth?

Our population is the root cause of all problems. Today, we have no space in trains or on roads, nor enough jobs because of a huge population. No matter how much we build, we fall short because of a burgeoning population. We have no dearth of wealth and infrastructure, but our population keeps us behind.

Economists say this population has helped India reap demographic dividend.

Had China thought the same way, where would it be today? When we got freedom, we were 35 crore. Today we are 135 crore. By controlling its population, look where China has reached…. Until we get our population to under 100 crore we will not progress.

There was an attempt at coercive family planning in the 1970s. It was criticised.

India has a unique culture. Everyone knows that if we do not wear a helmet we could die in a bike accident, yet we had to bring a law making wearing of helmets compulsory. Unless you bring in a law, this country will never do what it must.

What kind of provisions would you want in such a law?

That is a matter of debate and discussion. But fundamentally, it should deprive anyone of government service and certain government benefits if they have more than two children.

BJP often picks up population growth to attack Muslims.

Even among Muslims, those who are educated do not have more than two children. I know so many people. It is not a question of Hindu and Muslim. It is a question of lack of education, awareness and carelessness.

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