Always wanted to play a housewife but my idiotic strong image did not let that happen

In an exclusive interview with, Neena Gupta spoke about her upcoming film Badhaai Ho and how her social media message asking for work helped her grab opportunities.

Q. How did you approach your character?

Frankly, I did not do anything. The script was so strong. I said and reacted to everything as it came. I did not think of anyone who had donned such a role before or is like that. No method acting. I just meant what I said on screen.

Q. Was there a thought to break a stereotype with your character in the film?

No one has shown anything such as this (an elder woman getting pregnant) in Hindi films. However, the film has more to offer than just the pregnancy aspect. The film is beautiful, comical and even makes you cry. I have always wanted to play this middle-class housewife. However, because of this idiotic image of a strong woman, I never got these kind roles. So, this is my first time. A substantial role. So, everything just fitted well. I am very lucky to have this part. I did my best for the character.

Q. Did you discuss this script with your daughter?

Yes, I always discuss my scripts with her. She gives me the right point of view. She is happy with what I am doing. I do not get the chance to be choosy about what is coming my way but still, I have said no to some scripts because my heart would not agree to it or I did not feel excited about them.


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