After Rachel White, actor Simran Suri recounts her disturbing episode with Sajid Khan

In an account starkly similar to actor Rachel White’s, actor Simran Suri has accused director Sajid Khan of sexual harassment, alleging he pulled down her top when she went to meet him for a project.

Simran is the fourth woman to have accused Sajid after actors Saloni Chopra, Rachel White and senior journalist Karishma Upadhyay.

The actor first shared her story on Twitter om Friday evening. When contacted her, Simran narrated the horrific episode that took place sometime around 2012. “He was casting for Himmatwala. I got a call from him that he wanted to meet me for an audition at his home.”

Excited about the audition call, Simran Suri visited the director at his Juhu house.

“He was on his treadmill, wearing an undershirt. He said, ‘See, my body is so good!’ I was wondering why a man, who is supposed to be in a professional meeting, wearing sandos! I felt really weird. After some time, he asked me to strip. I was shocked but he said, ‘I am the director. I will have to see your body.’”

In a follow-up to his lewd remark, Sajid, in an act of physical violation, pulled down the actor’s top. “He told me, ‘C’mon, show me your c******e.’ I freaked out and began shouting at him, asking him to behave. I was in tears. He asked me to lower my voice, saying, his mother was in the adjacent room.”

Simran Suri stormed out of his house and immediately deleted his number. “I told him to never call me again. Within an hour, I got a call from him, ‘Hey, this is Sajid. For us to work together, it’s important to know each other,’ he told me. I actually abused him and told him off.”

In the last six years, there were multiple occasions when the actor wanted to scream out her story. She said, “I knew no one would listen. He is a big guy. There are so many girls who have horror stories with this man.”

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