About TBD

The Bulletin Desk is an Online Indian News Portal and Media agency.
The Bulletin Desk is involved in providing real time report and exact information regarding Politics,Business, Sports, Fashion, Glamour, Entertainment, Lifestyle,Technology etc covering Local,Regional,National and International news.
Media has became an important section of our society and it is very essential to fulfill and serve it with more responsibility. As of now there has been a saying that media has making news for business and twisting it for their own profits from the real data fact. In this initial level we need to give it with a taste of more purity,responsibility,duty etc. To revolutionize this stream, The Bulletin Desk has launched itself.
The Bulletin Desk is a property venture of Alkeynes Global Media under the signature of Alkeynes Global Solutions branding company known for its luxury and high profile clientele all over the world.

Mission and Vision-

1) To revolutionize the way of serving the news, ‘
2) Providing the real data and fact to the audience.
3) Eliminating the twisting real data culture for money and own profits.
4) Following the responsibility of Media and News and hence.
5) Empowering the Local News Portal with key branding policies which are useful for all those in remote,less powerful and needy.